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Character: Captain Jack Harkness
Activity Check: Activity Check!

Captain Jack Harkness / Time Agent
With three simple words, a fixed point in time was created, and Jack Harkness’ life force was forever tied to the Time Vortex. He no longer seems to age, and can never die. Not permanently, and any death he suffers, he will eventually return to life from. But, here in a different universe than the one this bond was created in, the rules are a little different. The Time Agent can heal any injury, and even return to life from some death, but at the cost of becoming dissonant from some of the other rules of this world. As the Doctor judged it, a fixed point in time is still “just wrong.”

Strengths: As a fixed point in time, the main strength of this job is the Time Vortex continually working to keep the Time Agent at the 'point' where they were converted, which means their wounds constantly slowly heal. As they gain in power, they are also more resistant to physical ill effects, such disease, poison, and paralysis. Being a fixed point in time also means that the Time Agent is less affected by magic that manipulates time. The ultimate skill of this job allows the Time Agent to even return to life, before they can fall into Crystal Stasis.

Weaknesses: This Job confers no bonuses to attack, and nor any proficiency with armor, light, medium, or heavy. As the Time Agent increases in power, their ability to get healed from outside sources decreases. In addition, due to the nature of this universe's Time Vortex, this job cannot return a hero to physical life from out of Crystal Stasis. Instead, the hero is aware of the passage of time during Crystal Stasis, while in a black void. They are unaware of the physical world around their body, but they are conscious of being dead and trapped without being able to actually see or speak or feel.

Initial Auto-Regen 1 User slowly regains health in a steady fashion.
The following White Magic no longer works: Cure.
One Month Scan With a Vortex Manipulator equipped, the Time Agent can scan a target or an area for information about Time Magic or dimensional disturbance.
Three Months Auto-Regen 2 User moderately regains health in a steady fashion.
The following White Magic no longer works: Cura.
Five Months Just The Man Increased resistance to Poison and Paralysis statuses, and mundane diseases. Immunity to radiation.
The following White Magic no longer works: Esuna.
Seven Months Fixed Point In Time Immunity to Slow, Haste, and Stop.
Nine Months Auto-Regen 3 User massively regains health in a steady fashion.
The following White Magic no longer works: Curaga, Regen.
One Year "I Bring Life." If killed, user is automatically revived (once per day.)
The following White Magic no longer works: Life.

Many many many thanks to Brantron for the help!
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Maybe it had taken less time than everyone expected for Jack to depart from Earth again. As fascinating as this Earth was, and as wonderful as things were with Bruce, he needed a break. The Avengers were tighter than ever, beginning to truly act like a team. Bruce and Tony were their own kind of team, finding themselves entrenched into one science project or another. There was some deep long-term project that they had been working on, that even Jack didn't quite understand the specifics of.

When Tony picked up some odd kinds of readings on the edge of the system in the aftermath of that Convergence incident, Jack offered to investigate, and everyone thought it would be safe. Bruce even seemed happy with the idea of Jack 'getting out of the house' so to speak.

He couldn't have known what he would leave behind.
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Name: Captain Jack Harkness.
Age: Appears late 30's, the real answer to that question is complicated.
Gender: Male.
Canon: Doctor Who/Torchwood
Canon Point: Immediately post-Children of Earth/House of the Dead. March, 2010.
Link to Application:

Moogle Name: Mogwen.
Moogle Gender: Male.

Equipped Jobs: Onion Knight Max/Dragoon 12
All Jobs: Onion Knight (10 Maxed Jobs as of end of September), Archer lvl 12, Gunner lvl 12, Dark Knight lvl 12, Paladin lvl 12, Bard lvl 12, Dancer lvl 12, Time Mage lvl 12, Dragoon lvl 12, Bearer of Wisdom lvl 12, Time Agent lvl 12.

Limit Break: 51st Century Pheromones: Casts status 'Charm' on one enemy. Similar to Confuse, but the enemy will only attack other enemies, not Jack or his allies. Will not work on Bosses.

Exp Tracker Thread.

Crystal Research Laboratory Thread. Currently working on: Interdimensional Rift Portal.

Inspiration for Jack's new sword: Blaidd Drwg Greatsword, imbued with Light Crystal.
Inspiration for Jack's new spear: Ddraig Goch Spear, imbued with Dark Crystal.

Description of Bearer of Wisdom.

Meeting with Prajapati.
The Hidden Truth video tape from Kalki.
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Name: Agnes.
Age: 28.
Personal Journal: N/A
Contact: plurk: Furikuchan
Other In-Game Characters: [OU] Ryoji Kaji

Character (Original Universe)
Name: Captain Jack Harkness.
Age: Appears late 30's, actual age is approximately 2,200.
Gender: Male.
Canon: Doctor Who/Torchwood.
Canon Point: Immediately following Torchwood S3: Children of Earth.
History: Wiki Link History.
On the surface, Jack Harkness appears to be the ultimate Type-A personality. He is very charismatic, able to draw people to himself easily, and enjoys being the center of attention. His early life was in the 51st Century, growing up in a time where time travel, space travel, and aliens are all known to exist, and are even very common. This has lead him to be very adventurous and open to new experiences. He is always seeking out new things to see and people to meet. He is very accepting of people's differences, able to take others' points of view quite easily, and can compare even the strangest situations that he finds himself in to something that he has experienced before. And yet, as much as Jack has seen, he never quite loses his wonder at the diversity of life and experience in the universe.

Day-to-day interactions with Jack will seem light-hearted. He will freely flirt with just about anyone who he believes will show interest, and a few people who won’t, just to get a reaction out of them. He is quick with a joke, and will attempt to lighten any mood that is appropriate.

This mode gives way quickly in a dangerous situation, however, and at that point, the disciplined Captain persona will appear. He will be over-confident to the edge of arrogance, and always makes an effort to appear to have the situation in hand, even when he is in way over his head. He will be the first to throw himself into a dangerous situation, with the belief that he is expendable, especially when it is to protect someone else. This behavior predates his resurrection by Rose, and really is a core part of his personality, not just an effect of immortality. Beneath this exterior, however, are self-recriminating tendencies that border on self-destruction.

Jack’s two primary coping mechanisms are hiding behind humor and keeping up an aura of mystery towards everyone he cares about. The things that make him the most worried, such as his inability to die, will also be the first things he will make jokes about. Attempts to seriously discuss things that are troubling him will usually be met with deflection or antagonism until he trusts someone. Even after he trusts someone, he will usually respond with coping mechanism number two, and keep any personal information as mysterious as possible in an attempt to keep people at a protective distance. Revealing too much of his past actions is very emotional for him. He judges himself harshly for what he perceives to be past failures, and he believes anyone else would judge him just as harshly.

Jack has lost enough people over his very long life that he maintains a self-destructive balance of caring for people and wanting to protect them, while keeping them at arm’s length at the same time. Towards his team, he is friendly, yet trying to protect them from information that they can’t handle or situations that are too dangerous. But he never forgets that ultimately, he will fail to protect everyone, and eventually he will watch everyone he cares about die while he continues to live.

His most recent losses have made this internal conflict much more salient. Jack sacrificed his own grandson in order to save the world, and this cost him his daughter, as well, who walked out of Jack’s life immediately after the 456 incident. Jack lost the man he loved, Ianto Jones, twice, first to the 456, and then again at the House of the Dead. Jack was perfectly willing to let the rift open if it meant that he got Ianto back, but Ianto refused to let him, and walked back into the rift to save the world. One too many reminders of Jack’s failings remained, and so Jack distanced himself from Earth, entirely, and ran away.

At the current time, Jack's mental state is fragile at best. He will be still trying to step up, because even when he is running away, he knows that he will undoubtedly be drawn back into someone's fight. Before he met the Doctor, Jack would never have had to worry about such a thing. But now, the lessons taught by the Doctor have been so deeply ingrained, that even when he is working towards a selfish goal, Jack still ends up helping people. When Jack had originally been left on Earth, and he was waiting on the Doctor to return, Jack chose to pass the time by working for Torchwood, and fighting to defend the Earth.

The Doctor, himself, represents Jack's greatest strength and his greatest weakness at once. He reveres the Doctor for saving Jack's life, saving the universe multiple times, and in some cases, Jack's hero-worship of the Doctor glosses over the mistakes that the Doctor has made. Simultaneously, Jack harbors a deep resentment towards the Doctor, for never explaining himself, never giving Jack the answers he really wants, for telling him that he's 'wrong,' and for dragging Jack into his personal rivalry with the Master. Jack still clings to the vision of the Doctor as savior, and in moments where he is unsure of what to do, finds himself trying to fit the behavior that the Doctor modeled for him. He attempted to solve the problem of the 456 invasion in a very Doctor-like manner, by threatening them, and giving them a chance to surrender, an action that got Ianto killed. Despite all this resentment, he would still drop absolutely everything else the moment that the Doctor appeared. The Doctor is still the man he died for, the man he lives for now, and no one else has had quite the same relationship with Jack.

Third-Person Sample: Thread from The Station: Jack and Yuna.
Mognet Sample:
To All Heroes of Light:

Let me introduce myself, my name is Captain Jack Harkness. I'm new here, and I've got a few questions for people, just so that we don't end up doing each other's work over again.

Has anyone been by the observatories yet? I'm trying to help figure out where in the universe we are, if there's anything familiar on those star charts. Has anybody else traveled space before, too? As many eyes as we can get on these things, the better.

Even if you can't help with that, I would ask a favor of everybody. If anyone, anywhere, at any time sees a large blue wooden box, big enough for about two people to stand in, with the sign 'Police' on it, could you kindly let me know? It's one way we could all get out of here.

Captain Jack Harkness

Moogle Name: Mogwen.
Moogle Gender: Male.
First Job: Dark Knight.
Second Job: Archer.
Limit Break: 51st Century Pheromones: Casts status 'Charm' on one enemy. Similar to Confuse, but the enemy will only attack other enemies, not Jack or his allies. Will not work on Bosses.
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(With all apologies to Spider Robinson.)

Shared pain is lessened.
Shared joy is increased.
Thus we refute entropy.

In no particular place, in no particular time, there exists a bar. Officially, the bar has no address, no name, save for that of the owner, "Callahan's." And yet, anyone at any time or universe can find their way to Callahan's door.

The atmosphere is warm and comforting, the clientele include anything that walks, crawls, flies, or oozes under any planetary sun. Occasionally, the music will be turned down to allow a patron to make a customary toast by the fireplace (at the end of which, the glass will be tossed into said fireplace.)

People are happy to listen if you have a tale, or leave you alone if you aren't willing to share. But anything can be found inside. It's the place that you weren't trying to get to, but it will almost always turn out to be the place that you needed to be.

So pull up a bar stool, order your favorite drink (house specials always seem to involve Irish Whiskey), don't start any fights, and as the sign behind the bar will remind you: "Time Travelers Strictly Cash."
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The Town Hall Meeting Log, heavily edited and re-ordered and spell-checked with some of the redundant stuff taken out so that it flows easier for reading. This is just for my own personal reading so I can find some of this information quickly, this does not reflect the official log on the Station site.

This got kind of long. )
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Important Station Threads:
Game Event 1: Negotiation.
Game Event 1: Team Manual Labor!
Game Event 1: Aftermath.
'Vadum, Jack, and Inara go exploring, and find more than they bargained for.
Game Event 3: Necromorphs!
Game Event 3: I have an idea.
Game Event 3: Aftermath.
Fixing things up after the Necromorphs. Also, interactions with Tony and the setup for the sonic screwdriver.
Did you just use your thesis in a roleplaying game? Discovery of the radiation field.
Gryf plugs into the TARDIS.
Livia runs out to meet everyone.
Livia returns to the TARDIS
Gryf and Quinn go check out the Network. More Col foreshadowing.
Game Event 5: The Dance!
Game Event 6: Kids!
Game Event 7: Adventure!
Game Event 7: Landing!
Game Event 7: The End.
Center of the Station Field Trip: Round One!
Kale finds something out that he can't explain to anyone else.
Section 1 opens up, temporarily.
Game Event 8: Here we go again.
Game Event 9: The Eggs!
Center of the Station Field Trip: Round Two!
Game Event 10: Dreams.
Game Event 10: Nightmares.
Player-Run Mission: Into The Void.
Into the Void: Houston, we have a problem.
Discovering that time is not passing within the Center Section.
Player Event: Murder, She Wrote.
Player Event: Planetside Supply Run.
Captain Ysla has a proposal for everyone.
Game Event 12: The Past When We Awaken.

Current CR:
Meeting Bruce and Mordin.
Explaining this whole space-time thing.
Jack and Bruce have a much longer talk and come to an understanding.
The first time someone brought up the idea that not everyone is being brought to the Station.
Hey, Bruce! Guess what!
The entire glorious yoga thread.
The new stupidest thing Jack has ever done in his life.
The holding cells.
Finally out of hiding.
Waking up alone when I was left to die.
Finding Ianto's watch.
Post-Dance, Jack and Inara take care of Bruce.
Morning after the Dance, and Jack wakes up alone.
Jack as a ten year-old, space adventures with Bruce!
Jack and Bruce have some things to talk about. Also, explaining Torchwood, and tempting Bruce to come out into space.
Adventure: Pre-flight checks.
Adventure: Making a promise that Jack can't keep.
Adventure aftermath, and the start of something new between Jack and Bruce.
Space Rescue Mission.
Bruce and Jack share a private moment.
Jack gets the contents of his crate, and tests it out.
Jack comforts Bruce after Inara.
Eggs: Threads with Bruce during the event.
Jack's Dream.
Bruce's Dream.
Jack and Bruce talk (and do other things) after the dreams.
Jack tries to talk Bruce into going out into space again.
Bruce comes along on the mission.
Meet Rose, and explaining how Jack died the first time.
Jack Rabbit and Bruce the Bear find something actually important.
Then, be with me.
Waking up after the murder.
Taking care of Bruce after the meeting.
Admitting feelings (in the awkward way that only Jack and Bruce can.)
The Wrong Doctor, in the right direction.
The Past: Jack and Bruce.

Okay, maybe this pony thing isn't that funny.
Blatant fan service.
Comforting Gryf, and learning about Col.
Hey, look, we got the sensors working!
Post-Livia, Jack tries to help.
Finding out Ianto is gone.
Chibi Gryf and Jack!
Adventure: Weapons, and finding out where Jack's loyalties lie.
Gryf thinks there's something else on board.
Gryf confronts Jack after he comes back to life.
Jack tries to comfort Gryf after the nightmares.
Jack has a thank you present for Gryf.

The Fourth Doctor:
The Doctor showed up, all right...
More ponies, and there was nothing suspicious about what Jack just did there at all...
Zombie Jack!
The Twenty Questions Game.
The Doctor and Inara go on a date (with some unexpected company.)
The Doctor and Livia run into Jack.
The Doctor and Jack talk after the dance.
Adventure: The Doctor's most ridiculous plan yet.
Adventure: The punchline.
Adventure: The birth of Medicinalis.
The Doctor tries to make amends.
The Chameleon Circuit.
The Doctor's Nightmare: Trial Of A Time Lord.
Jack and the Doctor talk after the nightmares.
Jack finds out something important about his last death.

The Eleventh Doctor:
Meet the Doctor...again!?
Jack, Bruce, and the Right Doctor finally have a talk.
The Past: Round One Round Two.

Ponies? And a medical scan.
Running off to be a Big Damn Hero without a gun.
It takes a very special friend to shoot you and set you on fire, rather than let you hurt someone else.
Ummm, funny story, Mordin...
Learning about the Krogan.
Jack gets a check-up.
Adventure: Keep out of the water!
Mordin is okay, post-leeches. Also, gets his first hint.
The contents of Mordin's crate, more Krogans, and Mordin's second hint.
Jack gets The Talk from Mordin.
Mordin comes along on the mission.
Post-Murder: Questioning Mordin.
Begin Side Quest: Radiation Immunity.

Nice to meet you, Fran, but I normally have fewer hooves than this.
Ummm, funny story, Fran...
Jack has a question for Fran, and not the one anyone was expecting.
Jack wishes he was the only one who knew what this felt like. And making promises.
Jack and Fran as kids.
Another talk, another conversational swerve from out of nowhere.
Center of the Station isn't the best place for a Viera.
Jack feels he has to apologize, after the leeches.
Fran gets her bow back.
Fran's Dream.
Jack Rabbit runs into the one person he was trying to hide from.
Post-Murder: Talking to Fran.
The Past: Jack and Fran.

Meet the crazy guy in the brig!
All of the serious talks while ponies.
Tell me I'm not the only one who ever saw Star Trek?!
Dance: Jack cheats and asks a question he's not supposed to about Bruce.
Jack and Crichton talk about the fourth wall.
A week!?
Crichton gets his gun back.

Meeting Shipmaster 'Vadum, and finding out that the outside of the Station looks like.
Ummm, funny story, 'Vadum...
Finding out what 'Vadum is fighting for.
Adventure: 'Vadum meets the Doctor.
'Vadum's Dream.
Jack and 'Vadum talk after the dreams.
Player Mission: Boarding Party.
Post-Murder: Questioning 'Vadum.

John Hart:
Dance: Enter John Hart!
Dance: You couldn't even last a couple of hours before getting thrown in the brig, could you?
The not-so-triumphant return of Captain John Hart.
Adventure: Sorry, John, you can't stay behind.
Adventure: This is a conversation that needs to not happen! Also, getting the Doctor in trouble.
John has landed himself in the brig again.
Jack and John chat over text.
Someone new on board, and John is suspicious.
John's crate, and setting something aside.
Jack and John in the Center section, and the most frustrating piece of evidence yet.
Jack and John are forced to have a long talk.
Jack Rabbit and John.
Post-Murder: Questioning Yelling at John.

Nice to meet you, Inara Serra...
Ummm, funny story, Inara...
Bruce completely bombing out with Inara after the event. Also, Jack not being as sneaky as he'd like to be.
Jack and Inara talk after the dance, and Inara has bad news.
Adventure: Jack checks over the Serenity.

First Contact with Alex Mercer.
Jack and Alex finally have a long chat.
Jack explains that he can't die. Alex accidentally reacts the wrong way.
Post-adventure, Alex and Jack have a talk.
Alex is still looking for answers that no one has.
Alex's Dream: Torchwood and Prototype Crossover Time!
Jack and Alex talk after the dreams.
Jack Rabbit and Alex talk after the space mission.
Post-Murder: Questioning Alex.

Harry Lockhart:
Meet Harry!
Harry can still do his job.
Harry cares more for Inara than Jack could have guessed.
Harry's Dream.

Meeting Yuna more properly.
Yuna's crate, and learning about her world.
Eggs: Threads with Yuna during the event.
Yuna accidentally tries to send Jack.
Jack Rabbit and Yuna, with serious talks about what Jack is.
Post-Murder: Questioning Yuna.
Yuna's Song, and maybe realizing that things will be okay.
The Past: Jack and Yuna.

Meeting Smith more properly.
Smith has a great idea about the Center Section, setting up a test.
Results of Smith and Jack's test, and where to go from here.
Post-Murder: Questioning Smith.
The Past: Jack and Smith.

Meet Helmet Boy Loki!
Meet Sif!
Jack and Loki: Dream.
Loki's Nightmare.
Loki locks Jack and John away.
Murder in the Center.
Hook. Line. Sinker.

Subject Zero Jack:
Meet Subject Zero!

Captain America:
Meet Steve!
The Past: Jack and Steve.

Celena Vantari:
Meeting Celena in a dream.
Meeting Celena in real life.
Testing out Celena's abilities.
The Past: Jack and Celena.

Commander Chekov:
Meeting Chekov, and starting off on the wrong paw- er, foot.

Meeting Spider more properly.
Interview With A Dead Man.

Aeryn Sun:
The Past: Meet Aeryn!

Captain Ysla:
Meeting the Captain.
Ysla's return.
Ysla back again, and some more questions this time.

Dropped CR:
Suddenly, in a space station at the end of the universe, the voice of a Nightingale.
Who, me? Exploit an effect on board that means we can't be overheard? Never.
Jack's first revival.
Nope, there's nothing going on here, I don't know what you're talking about, Martha...
Did we just Chekov's gun this key, or what?
So I kissed Bruce...
Martha has to rescue Jack again.
Jack has to apologize to Martha.

+1 nerd!
Where Jack finds out what a technopath is. Also, Col foreshadowing.
In. The. Hot. Tub. Couldn't seal the deal.

Meet Mohinder Suresh!

Radical Edward:
Meet Ed!
Edward can handle herself, but turns out to be a computer prodigy.
Jack and Ed at the Dance...and Ein has an idea.

Darcy Lewis:
Meet Darcy Lewis (and get Bruce in trouble).
Adventure: Jack and Darcy shooting lesson.

The Past When We Awaken:
Threads with NPCs:
Jack and Rei.
Celena and Rei and Station Exploration.
Mordin and Rei and oops.
The Doctor really really REALLY is his own worst enemy.
Sif and Ponobon.
Jack and Mbira (and Djembe and Kora).
Smith and Mbira.
Alex and Djembe and Kora.
Jack and Eliara.
Celena and Eliara.
Yuna and Eliara.
Threads between two other characters:
Celena and Book.
Celena and Yuna.
Alex and Yuna.
Steve and Loki Sif overextending herself.
Bruce and Smith and the Library.
The Two Doctors Plus Jack.

The actual start of this whole mess.
Getting Gryf.
Jeeves has a concern for Jack.
John has a plan.
Medicinalis and Gryf in the TARDIS.
Getting Jack. And hiding him away.
Let's just stick my head in this bear trap.
Lagomorph vs. Lycanthrope.
Tag-team cage match at the drive-in!
Medicinalis and Mordin in the Med Bay.
Medicinalis' plan for Bruce.
Gryf sends out a message, Medicinalis responds.
Jack's escape, and bigger problems.
Crichton and the Doctor vs. the Leech.
Leech Endgame.

Other Threads I Stalk:
That awesome chatroom thread.
Hulk and Tony on a zombie-killing adventure! Fran isn't amused.
Bruce and Tony after the Necromorphs.
Gryf, Tony, and the Doctor in the scrap pile.
Bruce and Mohinder meet.
Harry's arrival.
Tony and Bruce argue, with tribbles.
Bruce and Inara butcher my feelings.
Tony and Inara meet in person.
Mohinder and Bruce, round two.
Bruce and Inara make a manner of speaking...
Tony and Bruce, post-Livia, featuring Jack.
Tony knows how to braid Inara's hair.
Gryf and Inara talk after Livia.
Gryf and Tony talk after Livia.
Inara gets some suspicions about Tony...
Megamind has absolutely no tact whatsoever.
Bruce and Inara getting ready for the party...until the conversation turns serious.
Dance: Jack and Ianto.
Dance: Megamind has a way with the ladies.
Dance: Inara with Harry, Megamind, and Loki.
Dance: Loki Laufeyson, Ladies and Gentlemen!
Dance: Bruce and Tony make up...sort of.
Dance: Inara and the Doctor.
Dance: The Entire Loki Debacle.
Dance: Bruce and Inara dance.
Dance: Jack and Ianto run into the wrong Doctor.
Dance: Megamind STILL has a way with the ladies.
Tony wakes up after the Dance.
Bruce and Tony actually make up.
Inara and Harry have a chat.
Inara after the party, talks with Gryf, the Doctor.
Chibi Tony and Bruce.
Keeping Station: Volume One.
Bruce and Inara, Inara is too smart for her own good.
Inara's time is running out.
Gryf's Nightmare.
It turns out the Doctor has been to Spira.
Discovering Jack's body.
Discovering something worse, Hulk Out.
Investigations of Jack's body.
Bruce and Steve, after the murder and Hulk Out.

Non-Station Threads With Jack:
Bruce and Jack reunited, 250 years later.
Bruce and Jack, Absolute Power Meme.
Bruce/Jack, exceptionally NSFW.
Bruce and Jack, make a wish.
Torchwood discovers a goddess.
Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.
Jack and Gryf, oops, wrong universe.
D_M: Jack meets the Twelfth Doctor.
Jack on IC Anon Questions: Guess who?
Jack and Twelve: The Last Night.

Jesus fuck, keeping this forever.
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What Is Known Publicly: This stuff is fairly common knowledge, or not hard to find out if people ask around.

What's Going On Here?

The year is 3562 3563. People are being pulled out of their own universes, seemingly at random, and are brought here, to the Station. Other than the Station, the planet below, Bothaious, and the one sun that the planet orbits, this area of space is completely dead, with no stars in the sky. Station records show that this area of space used to be filled with stars, and some time ago, the Botharians lived both on the planet and on this Station. The Station seemed to previously be a trading post, any other function of the place is unknown. An unknown incident, likely an invasion, wiped out the Botharians on the planet surface. Another unknown incident caused the Botharians to leave the Station, as well. The Station stood abandoned for an unknown amount of time until Gryf was brought on board, years before any of the other crew began to arrive.

It was previously believed that this area of space was blank, but that has turned out to not be true. Dead Ships can be found occasionally floating through the Dead Space, but a recent expedition also found a time anomaly, emitting radiation and Time Energy. It is believed that there might be more of these anomalies hiding in the Dead Space. It is unknown how far the Dead Space actually extends around Bothaious.

A field of ambient radiation has been discovered around the Station. So far, no one has recognized the particular combination of wavelengths that this radiation is made up of. Normally, there seems to be a shield, an invisible bubble that the radiation does not penetrate. It appears on the sensors like a perfect sphere surrounding the Station. That bubble only gets penetrated during radiation shifts, when something has changed on the Station, either a new person appearing, someone disappearing, or a strange effect happening to the people on board, like the age-down incident. When the Twilight Advance investigated the time anomaly within the Dead Space, a reality-altering effect occurred to the people on board. It is currently theorized that if there are more of these anomalies, the radiation surrounding the Station might be a combination of wavelengths linked to a number of different points in time.

The Doctor discovered that the TARDIS seemed to be cut off from the Time Vortex while on board the Station. When the crew went down to the surface of Bothaious, the Doctor brought the TARDIS along, and she was partially recharged, for a while, but is still too damaged to fly. However, thanks to this information, and the time anomaly found in the Dead Space, it is theorized that the bubble is preventing Time Energy from entering the Station, which may be a good thing.

Much more troubling, it was previously believed that people only arrived on board the Station when shifts occurred, but an expedition to a Dead Ship discovered that people can appear in other places in the Dead Space than just the Station. However, no one has a good solution on how to detect this, or how to help other people who are appearing here.

There is another odd effect of time on board the Station, relating to people's deaths. When Kale and Jack most recently died, they revived after a few days, but instead of waking back up where they had been left, both reappeared in the same locations and states that they had arrived on board the Station in. As of yet, no one has theories as to why this is occurring.

What Do We Know About The Station, Itself?

The Station is, for the most part, open to exploration. Nothing is going to stop anyone from going most places on the Station. Active sections at current time are Section 2 (where living quarters and most other things are), Section 3 (the docking bay, Section 4 (the hangar), and the Center Section. Section 1 is also open-ish, see below.

Section 2:
Completely open. This is where most of the critical parts of the Station are located, including the living quarters, mess hall, supply bay, med bay, and gardens. The section also has various other facilities peppered throughout it, including extensive gyms (the Botharians' aquatic culture means they needed access to pools and hot tubs, among more traditional workout equipment like weights), casual lounges for larger gatherings (Jeeves is currently working on appropriating one of these for more *ahem* civilized gatherings), and numerous unclaimed spaces that could be converted for other uses. Plans are in the works to also create a security station in Section 2, including a firing range for training.

The Supply Bay is not entirely open, per se, because this is Gryf's realm (her room is in the back, if you know where it is). While it is open to walk into, actually getting to the supplies requires talking to Gryf.

The Med Bay is fully stocked, with state of the art 36th-century medical technology. Each of the doctors have claimed personal work stations (Mordin never seems to leave his area, while Bruce's lab is in a separate room for more privacy). Other notable areas include an autopsy bay (currently holding the Botharian skeletons pulled out of the center five months ago and counting...), and a row of five cryotubes in the rear of the med bay (one of the tubes is currently occupied by Miss Inara Serra).

The Gardens were initially dangerous, thanks to a native population of rats (which seems to have been dwindling) and predatory plant life. However, a safe path and area has been carved out, leading to Inara Serra's herb garden, and further on, to a physical training area, including an archery range. So long as people do not stray off the path, the Gardens have proven to be safe.

Section 3:
The large docking bay is rarely used, mostly just for when the Saryu (see below) arrives. The scrap yard is actually a part of Section 3, but is accessible from Sections 3 and 4 (OOC: or so it appears, lemme know if this is actually wrong.)

Section 4:
The smaller hangar currently holds the Serenity, captained by Inara Serra Shepherd Book, and the Twilight Advance, captained by Shipmaster Rtas 'Vadum. Various repair bays are also accessible from off of the hangar (one of which has recently been claimed by Celena Vantari for her own projects).

Section 1:
Technically "open" but without sustained power and life support. Section 1 is the largest section on the Station, and has very few critical functions in there. When the Station was active, the area was marked as "Administrative." In order to keep from putting a strain on the Station's power core, minimal power is maintained in there, just enough for the sensors to detect if someone new appears inside (because the Station seems to like pulling that trick). It has not been thoroughly explored, but people can technically enter, if they use one of the rebreather suits available in the Hangar (or, you know, if they don't breathe oxygen).

Section 5:
Closed up, no access to it from any other section, no power, and nothing is known about it.

What About That Pesky Center Section?
It has now been verified, thanks to Smith, that time is not passing within the Center section of the Station. Organic matter left inside does not decay (neither did Jack when he was left in there dead). People who are injured don't seem to get any worse or better when they remain in the Center (we know that thanks to leaving Crichton down there for a week).

Any chronometer, such as Smith's internal sensors, or Jack's vortex manipulator read ???? when the date is checked while inside the Center. It is unknown as to why time is not passing, but this is clearly the cause of the Center section's other unique properties.

The Center section was once the lift way between all the sections, but an explosion heavily damaged the center. The Center, itself, is currently empty of everything except for what was once the switch-gate between lift paths, now heavily damaged and non-functional.

Previously, the paths between all the sections and the center were barricaded up by crude blockades, but the paths to Sections 1 and 2 have been cleared. Each of the paths are still littered with broken furniture and what used to make up the barricades, lining the sides of the paths. There is very little power, and no lights in the paths or the center.

Eventually, as people get close to the center, they will 'fall off the map,' so to speak. In the center, the comm network doesn't work, and neither does any sort of scan or sensor, such as the medical scanners, K9, Smith's glasses, or the Twilight Advance scanning from the exterior of the ship. Machines still work, such as the floating stretchers, or K9 and Smith's motor functions, but anything that could scan the area reads nothing. This is presumed to be linked to the fact that time is not passing, therefore any sensors cannot get any readings back from the area.

The tracks are very damaged, noting an explosion happened there, and there were previously skeletons of Botharians left behind in the center. Most of the skeletons have been moved to the medical bay in order to be studied. The current theory, because time is not passing in the center, is that whatever killed the Botharians left them in a skeletal state. Verification of this theory is still pending.

Anything Else We Need To Know About The Station?

The Station resupplies thanks to a ship known as the Saryu captained by Captain Yslandra, or Ysla for short. She is a very secretive woman, and cant take anyone with her on the ship, nor will she explain how she can navigate the Dead Space while no one else can. (Jack is pretty adamant about making sure no one questions her too much, as he is worried that she will decide to stop showing up.)

There is no pattern so far between the people who have been brought to the Station. People who were in a ship at the time of their shift seem to be brought here in their ships, but those ships are heavily damaged upon arriving, with their memory banks wiped of the time between leaving their universe and reaching this one. Everyone arrives with a communicator linked in to the Station's network. It is unknown how these comms leave the Supplies Bay and end up with each new arrival. It is known, thanks to John and Kale, that when people disappear from the Station, they are returned to their timelines.

What About Bothaious, Itself?

The surface of Bothaious is heavily polluted, with what used to be an oxygen-rich environment, but now, people need breathing filters in order to survive on the surface. The surface is mostly swamp land, but is also the home of a natural fuel that helps run the Station. Resident native life is highly aggressive, including giant reptilian insectoids, carnivorous plants, and leeches, which are normal leeches on their own, but apparently mutate in the presence of Time Vortex energy. The planet also now has a population of (mostly) sterilized Tribbles.

A Botharian ruin was found, largely overgrown with plants. It is unknown how long the city stood abandoned, the Doctor surmised about 200 years could have passed, but it could have been a much longer or shorter time period. A data cube and a scan of a different alien skeleton were brought back from the city. Unfortunately, the data cube is in Botharian, which Gryf is trying to translate.

The Andalite Zizih is currently building a base of operations on Bothaious' surface, close to where his ship had crash-landed on arrival.

What Is Known Not-So-Publicly: This stuff is not commonly known, a lot harder to find out, or people have to ask the right other person.

When people are disappearing off the ship, they are arriving close to the time that they were taken from, but not precisely so. When John and Kale disappeared and then reappeared on board the Station, they weren't returned exactly when they came from. (Jack is trying to make sure this fact doesn't get spread around the Station.)

When Gryf appeared on the Station, she came with her twin brother, Col. Her brother died in a later incident, but while she was trying to save his life, Gryf believes that a part of Col ended up downloaded into the Station Network. Very few people on board know that he is even there, even fewer have any idea on how to get him out.

Kale touched one of the skeletons in the center of the Station and received a psychometric impression of their final moments. Unfortunately, it is hard for him to remember, and even harder for him to explain to anyone else, because he begins thinking like a Botharian every time he tries to think about it.

Yuna attempted a sending ritual in the center section, and she was able to see a number of trapped spirits in the area: the same number of spirits as there were Botharian skeletons in the center. Unlike with spirits from Spira, she cannot seem to communicate with them, and she can't open a pathway to the Farplane.

When both Jack and Kale were dead, Yuna was unable to locate where their spirits had gone, instead of being able to see their spirits as normal.

Jack took his working vortex manipulator into the center section, but as soon as he crossed the sensor barrier, the manipulator stopped being able to read the current year, 3563, and replaced it with the display ???? Thankfully, Smith was able to replicate these findings, so he will be crediting the android with 'discovering' what he already knew.

What Is Not Known: Anything to help investigate this stuff would be welcomed.

Where the time anomalies are coming from.
The connection between the radiation emanating from the time anomalies, and the reality shifts that occur on the Station.
What happened to the Botharians, on the planet, or on the Station.
What happened in the Center section.
The Station's original function.
The source of whatever is causing the shield around the Station.
What else is out there in the Dead Space.
Why people are coming back to life when they die on the Station.

Current Project List: Ask around to find out who is already starting to work on this stuff.

So we kind of had a Hulk-Out, anyone who can help with repairs.
Someone new needs to help maintain the Station's Power core this has now reached critical importance.
Analyzing the radiation data found outside the Station, and from the time anomaly.
Autopsying the Botharian skeletons from the center.
Scanning the data from the other skeleton from Bothaious' surface.
Translating the data cube Mordin recovered from Bothaious' surface.
Clearing out the rest of the barricades around the center of the Station.
Beginning to build beacons to be placed through the Dead Space to help map it out.
Finding Col (limited).

Theories: These are completely player-submitted, not official at all.

Jack is certain that there is some sort of energy trace that is possibly left behind on people associated with their shifts in. He thinks the best way to return everyone home is to duplicate those shifts exactly, rather than letting the Station decide when to send people away. Unfortunately, there is no theory on what energy source is causing this, and therefore, no theory on how to shift it back.

The Doctor seems to think that the TARDIS would be able to return people to their homes, but Jack doubts that the TARDIS would be able to jump between timelines, and would only return people to this timeline's Earth, which is supposedly gone.

Because of the TARDIS' lack of connection to the Time Vortex, and Jack's delay on returning to life, there is a theory that the Station is cut off completely from the flow of time. However, the Station residents now know that time is still moving forwards, they have spent an entire year on the Station by now. So now, the question is to prove whether time is relatively moving forwards in places outside of the Station.

John has proposed a similar idea that the center of the Station is out of shift of the rest of the Station. Perhaps there is nothing on the scans of the center because there is nothing in the center.

Radical Edward brought the idea of a faulty jump-gate. In her world, that would mean that a light-speed transporter, like a Mass Effect relay, has the wrong destination coordinates, and then people can't return from where they've been sent to. This idea applies on the Station with the concept that what is causing the shifts could be in a completely different location than the destination coordinates, the Station, itself, and what is needed to send people home might not be on board at all.

Jack has the idea that whatever effect is pulling people from their home universes can access universes that have already had problems with their spacetime easier than other ones. Therefore, Jack's universe or Crichton's universe would be easier to access, while Fran's universe would be harder to access. However, because of what Jack is now calling "The Pterodactyl Effect," there's nothing to say that these universes wouldn't eventually develop time travel, and yet the side effects related to time travel could affect people and things that had existed previously.

Thanks to relativistic fictional multi-verse theory, many of the people on board are actually fictional characters in John Crichton's world. Therefore, this whole thing could just be happening in Crichton's head.

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